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REVIEW: Slide (Broken, #1) by Michelle Congdon

My rating: 3 of 5 stars



"You and your irresistible body will be the death of me and my door deep-v-diver."

I liked it. I loved it!!!

Slide was a totally good read. The writing and the progression of the story was very smooth.
And the characters were pretty awesome!

Oh Ryan!

Let me love you!


Evangeline has everything that she could ever ask for.. except for a complete family.

" My family came from money, a great deal of it, but that didn't mean we all lived a blissfully perfect life. We had our own heartache and tragedy to bear. It was constantly being in the media eye that taught me to shut myself away. They all wanted to talk about that fateful night many years ago but I refused to speak anyone, other than my therapist - who was still trying hard to mend the pieces together."

She lost her mother and older brother on a tragic car accident and things were never the same after that. She felt lost. Alone. Unloved. That is before she met Ryan Fox.

Ryan was everything Evangeline shouldn't be hanging around with.

" Ryan Fox was a big time player. He had girls worshiping at his feet and he clearly enjoyed every minute of it. He was loved by many fans and was constantly in the public eye - not to mention on giant billboards."

Evie didn't want that. She didn't want people digging up her past. She didn't want people noticing how broken she was. She didn't want anyone's pity.

But was she the only one keeping secrets? Or is Ryan keeping a few secrets of his own.



I liked Evangeline at some point but there were a couple of times that I found her annoying too.

She was pretty but a little aloof. She didn't want the limelight because she didn't want her past to be talked about in public. She didn't want people looking at her and feeling pity. Her family was very rich. They were very well known in the fashion industry so if something tragic happened to their lives, people will talk about it.

I loved how she was understanding. I loved how she accepted Ryan and everything about him including his family but... I hated that she was untrusting. How can you possibly say you love someone but don't trust them?

Also, she has been so quick to pass judgement on Ryan and it wasn't really funny at all. She would believe someone else's word against the man who she said she loved. Isn't that a bit weird.

Anyways, I liked how she was not head over heels immediately towards Ryan. I liked how she answered back to Ryan on the first few scenes. I liked how she didn't immediately give in to Ryan... Well she did but there were a lot of other things at play which is why she did but.. You got to read it.. I won't be saying anymore. LOL.


Oh gosh! I can't believe I fell for another Ryan who's also a baseball player!!

But honestly, this Ryan is far more sexual. LOL. The other Ryan (from Dare You To) was more of the innocent sweet type. This handsome devil however was just smoking with sex and appeal.

How can I even start with this guy? Oh well. He was arrogant at first yes but I guess that's what fame does to you. If you're a really good player and everyone loves you, I think you really just get used to the attention. I didn't cringe one bit during this exchange.

"Do you realize what you've done? You let the one girl willing to sleep with you go and now she hates you."

He snorted, clearly amused by my statement. "I can assure you that there are plenty more waiting, and she'll come back. They always try."

I love my guys full of confidence and Ryan indeed has one!

Ryan's hot and everything but that's not really the thing I loved most about him. I loved his love for his family. The secret that he's been keeping is actually related to his family and I honestly believe what he did was right. I do not judge him whatsoever for this. It was the right decision! It was an accident but he had no other choice. He had to protect his family and that made me cry a little bit.

Also.. I loved that he was persistent. I loved that he wanted to let Evangeline feel and know that he loves him and would do anything for him. I loved that he went out of his way to prove that even though it was risking his future as well.

So selfless.. I am so in love!


Evangeline + Ryan = Perfect Combination

Oh seriously, this couple is just so perfect for each other. They were compatible in every way.

Both Ryan and Evangeline had a past they must overcome. It wasn't easy for them to tell each other this as it is hard. Traumatic experiences are never easy to talk about but when they did, they were able to support each other. They were able to love each other better.

"Somehow a messed-up girl like me managed to find the perfect messed-up boy. We both shared dark and terriying pasts that were always going to be there, but now instead of trying to battle against the darkness on our own, we had the love and support of each other to help us through it."

Also, there wasn't the cliche of the male being super rich and the girl not really. This time, they were both equal and I liked that. They were both technically celebrities. And that was a good change.


All in all I loved it. But I did notice somethings that could be improved and it would have made this book way more better. I have some more points that I also need to point out obviously. LOL.

1 I thought it ended beautifully but the way towards the ending was a bit of a struggle for me. Did I make sense? What I was trying to say was, towards the end another "should-be" important character was introduced and wasn't given that much closure towards the end. I liked Hawke. I feel that there should have been a love triangle not that I was a fan of that but why would you introduce another male character that the male MC is going to get jealous of without him being given too much exposure. That bothered me a little. He should have been introduced maybe on the middle part of the book and not around 75% towards the end. That didn't work for me.

2 That bitch who threatened Ryan and Evangeline's relationship needs serious help. Arrrgg.. I hate her guts! I hope she burns in hell.

3 The ending was just so good! I loved how everything wrapped up and ended. But like I said, the road to the ending was a bit bumpy and rough for my taste but hey it all worked out in the end.

4 I just wish this was written in both Evangeline and Ryan's POV. I think it would have worked better that way as some scenes on this book would have been more clearer if it was in Ryan's POV.

5 And Ms. Congdon, if you are reading this... Please... Please... Please... Make a book for Hawke. I liked him and he was a good guy so please.. Give him his happily ever after too!!!! :)

This was such a refreshing read and I would recommend it to anyone who would want a sweet and sexy book to read.

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  1. Oh hi, thanks for sharing this to us. Honestly, I haven't heard about this book but it seems that I would like this too given that its fluffy and sexy.

    And I loved endings that are neatly wrapped. They don't have to be happy ever afters... they just have to be really tied up. I just hate loose ends.

    Thanks for stopping by Thoughts and Pens.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Charlotte! :)
      Yeah you'll probably like this one too. Hope you get the chance to read it!

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