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REVIEW: Broken and Screwed (BS, #1) by Tijan


This book was totally Broken and Screwed! The title definitely got it right.

It's the most disappointing book ever.

If I could describe this book in one word it would have to be deceptive. It will make you think that something was going to happen but then nothing really special happens and you'll wait again and then wait some more and then still... nothing happens! You'll have to buy the second book tor really find out what the hell will happen to these two damaged characters. Because honestly, I think, 3/4 of the book it was just about Alex being all gloomy, depressed, feeling sorry for herself and last but not the least, addicted to Jesse's f*cking.

I thought it would be unfair to rate this book since I haven't really finished it but I would like to still share my sentiments and why I didn't really find it appealing.

There is something seriously wrong about this book.


Alex lost her brother Ethan in a terrible car accident. Everything about her changed that day. She lost all the things that made her who she was before. She lost a part of herself the day she lost her brother.

What the f*ck is wrong with that picture? She lost a sibling and not her entire family!! I get it that she'd be sad. That's normal. That she'd mourn for a while. You're close with your brother okay that's understandable but giving up on life because one member of your family died? That is just fucking insane! Mental! Sigh. Or maybe that's just me.. I maybe mental for thinking that's weird. Whatever. It just felt so wrong.

Jesse, lost his best friend on that car accident and like Alex, he also hasn't been the same since. He's trying to do the best in everything he does so he could forget. To block out the pain he feels about losing Ethan.

What the hell man?!

Alex and Jesse need one another to forget. They need to be connected physically to get by.

I doubt Alex understand this concept though.

Alex feels that Jesse is the only person who could understand her pain. About her heartache. But Jesse, was harbouring a secret..


I had high hopes for this book really. It has tons of rave reviews and it has a high rating on GR and don't forget that absolutely gorgeous cover!

When I started reading it, it was okay at first. I liked how the author writes. It was fluid. I guess the real problem that I had was not with the writing but the story itself.

Oh and the annoying characters.



Sorry but I won't make an effort to look for a character that looks like her like on my other reviews. I just really want to explain why Alex, would have to be one of the most terrible characters I have ever read about.

I get that she was broken because of her brother's death. Like I said earlier, it was understandable. What wasn't understandable was how depressed she became when he died. What was it that made her so depressed she would give up on her life entirely?

What was it with Ethan anyways? It was never that much explained.

That wasn't really the reason why I absolutely destest her existence so dearly. The main reason I didn't like her was because she allowed herself to be someone's b*tch. She allowed herself to be a DOORMAT! A cure for an itch!

She made herself Jesse's bitch when obviously there are other guys out there who would be able to treat her better.

She deserve so much more than just being used as a sex toy by Jesse who was a total bi-polar if you ask me. He may be gorgeous but he was bonkers. Flipped out. Schizo. Unhinged. Screwy. I could go on but I'd rather not go into more details. No girl deserve a guy like Jesse. I feel extremely bad that Alex would let some guy use her that way.

I heard from friends that Alex would go dark on the next book because she went psycho at some point when her parents left her. I have no idea what's up withn that. She has lousy parents and she doesn't have to be a lousy person because of that. Oh and did I mention Alex has lousy friends too?

Alex is one unlucky girl.


Seriously. You don't deserve any sympathy from any body. How could anyone like your character? You have nothing redeemable in you! You are a man-whore who took advantage of a mourning girl!!! What the hell is wrong with you?

I get damaged characters. I love damaged characters really. I love reading about how they are in pain and how hard life has been for them, how unfair everything is for them but in the end they overcome all that and make triumph over all the crazy shit life has offered them. Jesse, was damaged yes, but I have no love at all for him at all. I hated him.

I think the problem with Jesse's character is that you rarely see this good side of him and with that I hated him more. I couldn't really see the good thing that he has to offer Alex. He was a bad influence to her. He was a drug that she needs to get out of her system. He needs to be flushed and forever get lost in the sewage.

Usually, its just the lead female character that annoys the living hell out of me but this time... It was the other way around. I actually kind of think Alex was just a victim of choosing the wrong friends, being the daugther of two useless parents and falling for an asshole.

Oh and seriously dude.. I don't get you and your love for Ethan.

"My God. I fucking loved that guy."

I know there has to be more to the story and why Jesse is so attached to Ethan. There has to be something orrrr... It's possible that Jesse like Ethan more than a friend and the reason why he fucks Alex was because he feels that he's somewhat fucking Ethan. LOL. Oh god! That was a bit twisted. Sometimes my brain works weirdly but what the hell.. Could be. Who knows whats on the next book right? I have no plan of reading it.

Minor Characters

For some bizarre reason, all the characters in this book are nuts except for Eric. For me he was the only likeable character in the whole novel. He likes Alex. Genuinely and she, blinded by the invisible love and affection given to her by Jesse, said she wasn't interested. That knocked me off senseless. I don't get Alex really. Seriously, Alex makes the most irrational decisions. I dunno where she gets her logic sometimes.

Marissa (one of Alex' friends who is not really) is the biggest bitch ever created in the whole book world!!! I want to murder her, chop her up and feed her arms and legs to the sharks!! She was the worse character ever made! She was also another disgrace to the female race. Gawwd! What a very bad friend!! She was willing to betray a friend to get to a guy's pants? That is just demented!!

Angie. Oh dear. I have no clue what to think about her.

Jeremy. I dunno what's up with you. And honestly, I don't care.

Aside from Marissa, Alex' parents are following in close second to my least favorite character in the entire history. They were a sorry excuse for a parent. They just leave her to fend for herself after their son died. What I see wrong in this picture is how they treat Jesse more like their kid that Alex. What the hell was that? You lost one kid and you were willing to let another kid die too (possibly of depression)? You are not suited to be parents. I don't care what your reasons are but you guys are not fit to be parents.


This could have been a really awesome book if you ask me. It would have been really better if the characterization was made right. If the development of the characters weren't too slow. I think it was intentionally made this was so we'd get the second book. It just didn't work for me. It did work for a bunch of others but it didn't for me.

I've read at least almost 50-70% of this book and I just grew tired eventually of all the whining and feeling sorry or feeling terrible about everything.

This book is all sorts of crazy. I couldn't connect at all.

I tried really. I really really tried to like it but it just didn't work well for me. Especially Jesse. Usually the male character is enough to get me through the real rough edges of a book and this one failed me. Jesse was not swoon-worthy, he was spit worthy. I want to spit at him and say "You have no respect for woman you asshole!" He may have feelings for Alex but still he was an opportunist and got what he wanted all the time because Alex was such a pushover.

Dark Alex is what I would have wanted to see in this book. Not the gloomy and extremely passive Alex but the Alex who wouldn't-care-a-shit-in-the-world Alex. It would have been so much better if she was like that rather than a fucking doormat or a human version of a blowup doll.

I don't like writing bad reviews. These books are worked hard on by the author but I think its also a good idea that they know what other readers think of the book. It would help them improve their work in the future. Constructive criticism. And like I said, the writing style was not the problem. I didn't see any grammatical errors or any abuse with punctuations. The writing was perfect its just the storyline and characterization that's the problem.

Although I really want to know what happens to Alex, I still won't be reading the next one. I just feel like I'd rather read something that I'll enjoy than read a book that you're curious on what happens next.

I didn't put a rating on this book. I don't want to be unfair and put a 1 it didn't deserve. I would only rate a book if I finish it. I just wanted to share my thoughts about why I couldn't finish it. For those who loved this book, I'm sorry, I really couldn't get to it.

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