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REVIEW: The Arrangement (The Arrangement #1) by H.M Ward

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"Surviving justifies anything."


4 happy sweet and sexy hearts!

That was a pretty good read!

I would have to say that for a short 118 pages, I was drawn and captivated!!


If you would ask Avery how she would describe her life right now... She'll probably say..

Nothing is going right in her life. She's struggling with her rent, with school fees, her grades, and also with her shit of a car that stalls on her whenever it gets the chance. She got no one to catch her back if she loses her scholarship or if she loses her job. So basically, she was screwed.

Just when her car decided to give her hell and an opportunistic carjacker stole her car, she meets hot, blue-eyed, motorcycle-riding Sean Ferro.

She thought she'd never see him again. But then, fate has a different plan for them.


I'm a sucker for good covers and honestly, this book has a good, simple and sexy cover and add to that, a very intriguing blurb! What more can you ask for right?

Sooo.. Oh and I was a bit worried that since its short book, it might not be as good or it might lack substance or be forced to fit into a short novella. Good thing is, it has 11 more books on this series! I'm kind of worried about that too because it would cost you to spend more than what it will cost to just buy one complete book but what the heck right? If the book is good... JUMP RIGHT AHEAD AND SPLURGE!



"My life is slipping away. I can feel it shifting beneath my feet like sand. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of everything."

Things were just really bad for Avery but she doesn't give up. I mean not every girl would ran after her car after its been carjacked right? LOL. She's strong and a very likeable character. She work decent jobs to make a living and support herself. It is very admirable really. She works extremely hard for her money. She wasn't the slutty type of girl also which is why I loved her. She was a bit flirty with Sean but it was all cool. It didn't sound slutty or desperate at all. *high five girl!*

Also I like her morals. She protects herself from stuff that might harm her. She thinks. She wasn't stupid at all. She thinks about stuff before jumping into any life changing decision like when she accepts that job from Ms. Black. She thought about it throughly. She didn't grab the opportunity immediately even though she knew she would make instant cash with it. She thought it through. Weighed the pros and cons before saying yes to something that might change her life forever.

Oh and did I fail to mention how this girl ran after her car that got carjacked? How crazy is that? Good thing Mr. Hot-and-Steamy Motorcycle Man was there to let her ride the motorcycle instead.


“Nothing, it’s just that I don’t even know your name, and then I try to kiss you after you had the worst day of your life. That’s kind of scummy of me.”

Meet Mr. Motorcycle/Biker guy. Who wouldn't want a steamy-smoking-hot biker guy to save/help us when our car gets stolen right? Not that I have any car but seriously, if that happens to me (hopefully though I get a decent car and not like Avery's) I'd want a knight-in-shining-motorcyle to help me!! Oh God please!! I want one!

Anyhow.. What is it about Sean? Well he's unpredictable. Don't get me wrong. He isn't moody or inconsistent or bipolar or anything. He was just mysterious in a way. He was outgoing and have a good chemistry with Avery but.. There was something else about him that isn't easily seen. He shows a different side of himself towards the end of the book.

Aside from being extremely hot and goodlooking.. LOL.. He is also quite rich. But of course you wouldn't know that on their first meeting. He was very laid back that if you look at him you'll probably won't know that he is extremely rich. You wouldn't think he was someone who will be able to buy a companion. That is one thing that confused me about him. Why the hell will be buy a companion when A LOT (not exaggerating) would want to do that for free? That is what I am itching to know really!!

Sean + Avery = Flirty and Cute... My Mistake.. Flirty and Sexy!

I love this couple. I mean you don't get to see much though as this is just the first part of the series and its a little too short to say. But from as far as I can tell.. Everything is innocent.. At least for now I think. Hehe.

So there was kissing..

You'd feel the electricity. So much chemistry!

I smile, saying, “Sean Jones, chivalrous motorcycle man with only one pair of pants.”
He laughs and I smile in response. I step closer to him and look up into his crystal blue eyes. I take his jacket in my hands and pull him to me. Sean doesn’t hesitate this time. When I press my lips to his, he kisses me back. It’s so sweet and gentle that I want to die. That kiss makes every part of me feel light, like I’ll float away. When his hands find my face, he holds me gently, trailing his finger along my jaw and back into my hair. It’s a sweet kiss, a chaste kiss, but it leaves me breathless and wanting more.
Sean steps away from me and reaches for his helmet. “Your kiss is addictive, Avery Smith.”

I just loved that. And aside from that... There was flirting and cute exchanges of words. It was just so cute but at the same time it was sexy!

“No problem. Glad I was here.”
I glance up at him. “Me too. I mean, I’m glad I didn’t have to push the car out of traffic by myself.”
He’s smiling at me. I let me eyes slip over his body and try not to drool. My God, he’s beautiful. “Like what you see?”
My face flames red as my eyes widen. “Wow, you’re blunt.”
“Sometimes it pays off, and other times…” he shrugs.
“Other times what?”
“Other times it gets me smacked.”

Oh geez! I really love them together. I wonder how they will be like though on the next book.


Okay so based on what I have been saying earlier, I could safely say that this book took me unexpectedly! It was cute and short and funny and sweet and interesting. I guess it helps that it was short because sometimes I get bored easily. Sometimes, I start a book and is quite interested until about half of the book when it becomes too slow and dragging that I'd have to stop the book. Glad I wouldn't have to suffer that with this series!

I couldn't really comment much on the writing because I couldn't find any faults on it nor can I find any annoying use of punctuations and all that. So basically, the writing was all good! Let me correct myself, the writing was addictive!

The story itself was simple. I guess it was a little clicheish with the fact that Sean was a rich guy and Avery was a poor girl. I don't want to think that Avery would be like another Cinderella story. I hope not. That type of story is so overused it will make me puke if I read another one. Not sure if the second book would be like that but.. Let's just hope its not because I'll be really disappointed.


Need I say more?! :)

Well okay.. I have a few more things to say actually. I wish.. This book was just a standalone. Just one and everything in it so that you won't have to buy the next one but then I guess in time it will be annoying because you have to keep on buying and buying until you finish the book. It was like a telenovela that will keep you on your toes until the end.

This is really an interesting book and I can't help but feel really excited about the rest of the books. I haven't gotten to reading them yet because I still think whole books are better. I just wish the author would just opt to have it on one book. It would be so much cost effective and more readers would be happy!! :)

Also, I would just like to make a comment that I don't think there is anything wrong with what Avery's friend is doing and also what she just started doing. It is way better than stealing or carnapping or whichever illegal stuff out there to get money. This seems legit. Hopefully it is really though. I don't want Avery to get into trouble as I really liked her.

If you guys are looking for full blown smutty sex here then you're in for a big disappointment. You won't find it here. At least not yet though. It might be in the next books.. It would be up to us to find out though isn't it? :)

RECOMMENDATION: I recommend!! :)

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