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REVIEW: Surrendering (Surrender, #1) by Ahren Sanders

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


  5 Sparkling and Steamy Hearts!

Holy.Hotness indeed!!

This book had everything! It was refreshing read really. It wasn't really that hard to connect with the story as the writing is pretty awesome. When I was reading, it felt as if a friend was telling me her story. I just really loved that. You'll get hooked just by reading the first few pages. This book was very easy to love!


A job well done on this book!!


Raven moved back home to spend more time with her family and also complete her MBA at Vanderbilt. Everything was planned out but what she wasn't planning on was being tackled over by a guy whom (in her head) she decided to name as Holy-Hotness, during one of her yoga sessions. Although he was hot as hell and she was totally attacted, she wasn't really that interested.

Just when Raven thought that was the end of her encounter with Mr.Holy Hotness... She was so wrong.

Raven rented a room with a house she immediately falls in love with. She has two roommates which coincidentally were... Mr. Holy Hotness' sisters.

Yep that's right. Her roommates was the same guy whom was on top of her just moments ago!! What a small world isn't it? Imagine how more awkward it was when everone knew what they called Declan. Yep. The hansome tackler has a name. It was Declan Collins.

Declan Collins was a lead vocalist for a band name Sayge. He had a great voice, handsome, a loving brother and full-pledged womanizer. He doesn't do relationships. You see him with a different girl in the backroom before and after each of their performance. But then he meets Raven... She stirs him up. It was like she's woken up something inside of him that has been sleeping for a long time and the guy who sort of sworn off being in a relationship suddenly wanted to prove to everyone (including his sisters) that he capable of staying loyal to one  girl.

After spending time together, a few sleepovers and movie sessions (no sex... yet..) they've gotten close and eventually fell in love.

Happily ever after? No definitely not.

Things happened.
They argued.
They had differences.
Someone was too jealous.
Someone was too relax.
Someone else was in love but doesn't want to admit it. *i guess you guys will figure who this one is easily!*
A decision was made which made the other one decide too.
Lots of things happened.
But will Declan and Raven's love be enough to save their relationship and surpass all their trials?


I would like to thank Ahren again for the opportunity to read and review this book. It was amazing by the way!

Okay so first thoughts on this book.. I am a cover whore so I definitely fell in love with that cover! It was damn gorgeous. One complain though was I couldn't see the guy's face. Would have been nice to have some sort of glimpse on how the author picture the guy in her book right? But that's just a minor senseless rant. It doesn't really affect on how awesome the story is.

So what else? The blurb in goodreads. It was definitely what this book is all about. It stayed true to the book but... Well you'll have to read it to know why.. Something towards the end happened which completely left my mouth hanging open.

It just hit me like an unexpected hurricane. I didn't see it coming which is a good thing!


Ravenella Hayes

    "Um, Declan, don't you need a shirt?"

First. Let me just get this out of my chest. Her name sounds weird when you say Ravenella. I have no idea how you say that. I like her as Raven even though she doesn't have jet black hair. Black and raven? Get it? LOL. Okay no that wasn't very funny. I suck at making jokes.

Back to the Raven.

Soo. She's just amazing! What can I say? I loved her from start to finish. She's one of those characters that you will love even though they are perfect from head to foot. She was smart. She was extremely pretty. She was understanding. She was friendly. She knows how to dance. She was nice to everyone. She was perfect in literally everything and sometimes I think its unfair.

But then as you read through the book you'll see that she's not really that perfect either. Sometimes she was insenstive towards how Declan was feeling. Sometimes she makes a decision because of how bad she feels which ends up making the people around her worry. Sometimes she's wreckless. I thought I fell in love with a character that was way too perfect.. But its good to know that she's just as flawed as the other female leads that I loved and adored. She was just as imperfect and I think I like her better that way.

She's not a weak character. I think that's also why I liked her. She was the type of girl that doesn't take shit from anyone.. Including Declan, her brother, Finn and crazy psycho fans of Declan's band.

By the way just an FYI on Raven.. Her father was an ex-special forces and now handles a security stuff company and he has guys.. Sometimes her father gets too paranoid sooo.. She has hunky, overprotective body guards on her all the time. Eventually, they became her friends especially Finn but come on!! 7 hot-goodlooking-sexy guys all there to protect you from bad guys?! How lucky can you fucking get?

Declan Collins

    "One of these days, I hope you'll know about every part of my body, not just my tatoos."

*wipes drool*
Drooling again.
Drool pooling down on the floor.

Declan. I just love saying that name. Well what can I say with Mr. Holy Hotness? A lot!

When you read the blurb, you might get turned off because he seems to be the typical badboy who fell in love with a virgin *oopsie. yep. Raven is a virgin* and then changed blah blah bullshit but then.. He was more than that.

Aside from being sexy as hell.

    "He is about 6'2 and all muscles. His chest, his arms, and back strain under his shirt. A trail of ink that resembles a tribal design snakes around his upper arm. His dark hair is cut close on the sides and longer on top. He has the greenest eyes I've ever looked into. All of a sudden, I feel my knees go weak as I stare at him."

    "He's in faded jeans and a black shirt; I see he has a piercing on his lower lip and it's sexy as hell. I'm thinking about how much I want to run my tongue over his lips when he clears his throat and looks at me."

Declan was also an amazing brother and son. He loves his family so much that I want to have a family with him. LOL.

    "There were only three women in my life that I loved before you. One was my mom, and the other two are my sisters. I love you in a different, deeper way and these feelings are foreign to me."

I liked Declan. A lot. He was a total alpha male! Gawwd he is so hot. And loving. And sweet. And thoughtful. And a musician. And he's hot. Oh and did I mention he was gorgeous too? Did I just forget to mention that? Oh dear. I'm totally smitten by this handsome devil!

What else? Oh well. Declan was kind of the jealous type. He was overly possessive that sometimes I think is just a tad bit out of control. But hey it works with the story I guess. And I think it was highly because he doesn't know how the relationship stuff works because if he wasn't jealous and just got the relationship thing perfect the first time then.. That is just crazy and highly unrealistic. So i liked him just the way he is. :)

Declan was a monster... in bed! If you could ask Raven, she'll probably say she had thousands of orgasms and I had a couple of bookgasms too myself. Dude! It was really hot. And that piercing!! Fucking hell! That was just... *phew* I couldn't even start. I'm not into piercings but that has got to be the hottest one ever!

I'd go on and on about Declan but that's not going to be much fun after a while sooo we'll go now to..

Finn Black

    "Rave, I've seen you in your yoga clothes and I can guarantee you that you had nothing to be embarrassed about. Even though I can't touch, doesn't mean I can't look - and appreciate the view."

I love Finn too! He is the type of best friend that every girl should have but then.. That's going to be trouble if the guy falls in love with the girl and the girl has no fucking clue. Not saying that's the case here but... Yeah well who knows? All I could say is that I loved Finn from Chapter 1 and so on. He is very dependable and honest and cute as hell. There is a big reason why Declan is always so possessive of Raven. And one of them was Finn.

Even though Raven and Finn are ONLY friends, being that close to a guy while you have your boyfriend is indeed a bit weird. I guess as time passes by the guy will have to deal but I think Rave did a good job making it clear that Declan is who she wants and not Finn or any other guy. Still... That doesn't stop me from drooling and swooning over Finn too.

Finn, for me, is actually a main character too. He plays a big role althroughout the story and I loved that he did. I'll be looking out for you on the next book! Hope you don't screw up!! LOL.


Raven and Declan could be as cute as hell when they're talking.. They make such a cute couple.

But they could be bipolar sometimes. Not in a bad way. They are just cuddly sweet one minute and the next minute.. *BOOM* all their clothes are gone. And I would have to warn you... The steamy scenes are REALLY steamy! Oh dear! I had countless bookgasms! It was insane. There was a lot of them. Yeah there was a lot but the book didn't lose its substance because of the sexy parts which was good!

Their relationship builded up great. They were attacted to each other but they didn't just jump into a relationship because of that. I think Raven was to be given kudos for that!

There was jealously here and there majority of which was from Declan but.. Raven has her moments too. LOL. Especially with those two girls.. That was extremely funny! You go girl!


I was completely taken by this book. It drew me in and suck me into its pages!  There was no doubt this would have to be one of my favorite books for this year!

Like I said, the writing was fluid, the story was just so good!

I would have to make some comments though about how long some of the scenes were. I think there are some parts that the story could do without but with it its still okay. All I'm saying was that there are some parts that could be taken out but will still come out as amazing!

There were a lot of secondary characters too! I'd like to name them all and give you guys a description but if I did.. it will take me forever. LOL. Just kidding. But there seriously were a lot and hopefully they'd get their own story because from what I have read.. They each have their own backstories too.

At first, it seems like a common story of a rocker and a good innocent girl but its not. The twists and turns come out towards the end of the story and you'll be surprised on how surprising it is. I didn't see that stupid cliffhanger coming and also that struggle they had towards the end. I wasn't expecting it at all and I loved it. It made me rate the book 5! It was because of the uncertainty of what will happen next. I always love that in a book. A book is supposed to be like a box of chocolate, you're never suppose to know what will happen next.. Unless of course, you skim through the pages and read the end!!

Anyhow.. I loved loved loved it! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves a cute and steamy romance novel that will make you smile, laugh, fall in love and... bookgasm then this is definitely for you!

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