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REVIEW: Down to You (The Bad Boys, #1) by M. Leighton

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3 Sexy but sometimes Annoying Hearts!

"There's an unsavory term for that- a guy forcing a girl to do sexual things. But what is it they say? You can't rape the willing. And I'd be willing. Oh, how I'd be willing."


I had mixed reaction towards this book.

It was definitely drool-worthy!
Those Daveport twins are just S.M.O.K.I.N! :)

But also...

annoying at times well because of Olivia!!


Olivia thinks of herself as a plain and normal college girl. She thinks that no hot guy will find her attractive but that's where she's wrong. Two hot guys are literally throwing themselves at her feet.

Yeah both of them are hot and I can't tell who looks better or who is hotter because they look alike.
You got it right fellas!!

They're twins! Cash and Nash Davenport.

Olivia met Cash when her friend had a bridal shower at a club. What do girls do in bachellorette parties? Of course they hire strippers!! Hot, sexy ones! Cash came in. They immediately assumed he was a stripper. Oliva took on a dare and almost did it until... The real stripper came knocking on their door.

*yeah it was embarassing* turns out Cash was the owner of the bar. *double embarassing!*

Olivia thought that was the end of it. She will never see the hot guy who made her insides squirm with desire. But again, she was soooo wrong! Turns out Mr.Stripper-Wannabe/Bar-owner is her cousin Marissa's boyfriend. She freaked out. And He *the boyfriend* had no clue who she was. Turns out this was not Cash but the twin, Nash.

Now.. Olivia can't help herself but be attacted to both of them. She knew she should stay away from the likes of Cash as he is dangerously a playboy and she got hurt before by one. She likes Nash, because he was safe and nice and seem to be a good guy but obviously, she should steer clear from him too.. because he's attached and to no other than her cousin.

As the story unfolds, more things are revealed. The secret that the Davenport twins have should make her run and hide but she didn't. She was way to attached to leave now.



I didn't like her that much.
She was annoying.
She felt so inferior.
She wasn't confident even though she was insanely pretty.
She's pretty much the cliche-ish type of female character. The pretty-girl-who-doesn't-know kind of character and that's annoying as fuck.
To add to that, I hated that she couldn't seem to choose between and Cash and Nash.. *Not that she needs to really.. LOL*

"I want both Cash and Nash. They both came with their own brand of trouble. Maybe not knowing which one I'm giving in to will be a good thing.

This was actually during that time when someone was feeling her up and she wasn't sure if it was Cash or Nash. And she like decided she didn't really care. *Not that I would blame her anyways. LOL*

Okay I think I'm a bit too hard on Olivia. She's not the worst MC out there. I'd have to just say that. There are more extremely annoying ones out there. I think the reason why I didn't like her was because there was nothing really special about her. There wasn't any "omph" factor or something or whatever its called. She was right. She was plain and ordinary. But she was pretty.

Oh and she was partly stupid too.
How can she not know??????!!!!


Oh Holy Sexiness!
Cash and Nash are as different as night and day.
Cash was the bar owner who was more of the outgoing one. You'll immediately know he was the guy who just likes to play and not get attached.

Nash, on the other hand, was the more dependable one *or so it seems*. He had the sense of responsibility. He seems like the type would would treat you right and would make sure you get home safely without scratches on any part of your body. He was the type you'd want to bring home to meet Mommy and Daddy.

Anyhowww... I liked them. Both of them.. Eventhough... It turns out that... Well.. If I say anything about them.. It will really reveal the twist and I don't really want to do that.

I'm just curious though on what.. Oh my gosh.. What did you see in Olivia??? O.o I mean.. Yeah she was pretty. Well I guess that's really how you get attacted to someone right. You don't see their personality first, you see their physical features first before you know who they are.. Anyways.. *i'm just being bitter.. LOL*

Olivia + Cash/Nash = Oh Hell That was HOT!!

Yeah the scenes were insanely hot! I had no clude it was going to be that freakin intense.
Definitely not for younger audiences!

When they're not fucking, I kind of like the banter between Cash and Olivia. They look so cute together and Cash makes the cutest comments sometimes.


Spoilers may be up ahead

The story itself was pretty good. It wasn't common at all except for the MC Olivia. She was so ordinary. There was nothing much about her to like except maybe that she was pretty but that's about it. I actually like her friend Ginger more because she has more character than she has.

The twist.. Well it actually was a little bit unbelievable. Or maybe he was just an insomniac but still. It would be hard for anyone to do that especially if you are talking to the same person wearing a different face or character, you are bound to drop of a hint... unless the other party isn't that observant like with Olivia's case. LOL. She was so clueless it was so funny.

I can't say I saw that twist coming. It was unexpected yes but a little bit not fit for the story. Plus it broke my heart knowing that there really any twins. That annoyed me. Yeah. Don't get mad at me for being annoyed all the time. I just felt that I was sort of deceived. It sort of felt good to have a love triangle with twins involved but it turns out there wasn't really a love triangle in the first place.


Down To You was a short wet-your-panties kind of story. It was good. Just not good enough for me to give it more stars. But I tell you.. If you're just looking for a steamy read.. This is definitely for you.

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